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When the bees vanish from the Earth, mankind will have just four more years to live; no bees, no pollination, no plants, no animals, no humans…” Albert Einstein


Kathy Gibson, Dancing Beez

Hi. I’m Kathy Gibson, bee steward.  Don’t know if I’d classify my beekeeping as a hobby, vocation, or something else altogether.  I became interested in keeping bees when I noticed that I hadn’t seen a honey bee in my garden in YEARS!  I did a little research, and learned a bit about the plight of the industrious little honey bee.  Check out the page on this site “Whats Killing the Bees”.  I want to do my part to help out a creature that is incredibly important to our food chain, provides in MHO the most valuable gold on the earth (honey), and whose decline can be largely attributed to human interference in the natural order of things.  I am also keenly interested in finding ways to improve the increasingly miserable outcome of the last decade of beekeeping.  I’ll be experimenting with different hives…both the current state of the art Langstroth hives as well as the bee-friendly, traditional Kenyan Top-bar hive.  I’ll be moving to foundationless frames which will allow the bees to draw out comb on their own, hopefully back to the smaller cell size nature intended.  There are a large number of apiarists who believe smaller cell size leads to an improvement in overall bee and colony health.  Last, but not least, I intend to avoid all pesticides, dangerous chemicals and robbing the bees of all their honey and replacing it with sugar water.  I’ll be tracking my progress on this site, hopefully with loads of great pictures.  Not much to report until Spring of 2010… Kathy

Other bits about me, professionally, I am the founder of Helio Consulting.  My professional bio can be found on LinkedIn.  I also love to travel.  In 2008 I did a solo trip from the East Coast of Canada to Alaska and back, pulling a camper and taking in some of the most majestic vistas North America has to offer. I kept a travel blog at 63degreesnorth.

Short Vid:  Worker Bee Dying:

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