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First Trip Outside

February 23, 2010

Bee Condos

Finally finished weather-proofing the new hives.  The fumes were so bad that we brought them outside so that the basement could be aired-out.  I think they look great sitting out in the snow.  Gotta bring them back in however since I didn’t paint the wooden areas of the roof, and haven’t built the stands yet.  Just a month to go until spring, and then in a couple weeks I’ll pick up the nucs in New Jersey.  Can’t wait.

Here are a couple of pics.  The langstroth hives are all set (well, mostly), the Kenyan top bar hive is disassembled on the table…waiting for warmer weather to finish that one.  A few facts about the hives:

  1. The langstroth hives are all 8 frame mediums.  They have screened bottom boards (IPM) for better pest management.  The photo shows them with 5 supers on as well as a hive-top feeder.  They will ultimately rest on stands 20″ above the ground (we have pesky skunks around here who love bees)
  2. The Kenyan top bar hive (

    Kenyan Top-bar HIve

    holds 30 bars and has an observation window…great for watching the girls busy at work.  It will rest 20″ above the ground also.  The vast majority of people build these types of hives themselves.  I am not quite that handy, so ordered mine from Custom Woodkits International, my son put it together for me in no time.

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